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Basement Foundation Beams

Basement Foundation Beams Milwaukee Relies on for Foundation Support

Basement Bowed Wall Solutions

The foundational structure of your home, whether it’s concrete or stone, may experience foundation issues over time. The majority of homes in the Milwaukee area are built with block foundations. Properly installed, concrete block foundations are as strong as poured concrete yet with time can crack and shift. Foundation repairs are needed as the result of improper basement waterproofing in Milwaukee, or no grading around the home, which leads to shifting soil outside the foundation. Damage is also compounded by frost. Heavy rain and poor or inadequate drainage systems will cause a variety of foundation issues including basement bowed walls.

Causes of Bowing Walls in Basement

The soil around your home will absorb waterMilwaukee Foundation Repair thereby expanding and pressing against your foundation with enormous pressure. When your basement walls undertake an exceeding amount of pressure from the soil they will start to push inward. These conditions create lateral pressure against the foundation wall pushing the wall inward. This pressure can cause basement wall cracking or more severely, bowing walls. In its early stages, wall bowing is easily repairable and should be addressed by MUDTeCH’s foundation repair experts as soon as it becomes evident. The earlier you treat your bowed walls the better protection you have against severe foundation issues. If you are noticing basement bowed walls in the Milwaukee area, contact MUDTeCH ™ for affordable foundation repair solutions.

Beam Installations Milwaukee

Milwaukee Stabilization Beam Installations

Milwaukee Basement RepairOur Milwaukee stabilization beam installation services offer maximum wall support for your basement. If your wall has shifted less than 3/4”, beam stabilization's can be installed to stabilize and prevent future shifting. Our foundation repair experts will install the beams to the floor joists securing the beams soundly to your walls. Your basement’s foundation is the structural integrity of your home, without a stable foundation your home would not exist. MUDTeCH’s™ top Milwaukee foundation repair specialists highly recommend taking immediate action if you have basement bowed walls. Our stabilization beams are a cost-effective solution to prevent future and costly repairs and come with a 20 year guarantee.

Complete Basement Repairs and Crack Injection in Wisconsin

If you already have bowed walls in your basement, MUDTeCH™ has basement wall repair services to restore your basement before installing new foundation beams. Our expert contractors will find all weak points in your basement and fix them before they have a chance to become a larger problem.

This includes crack injection to stop existing cracks in your home’s foundation from spreading. A single crack in concrete can lead to basement flooding and a weakened foundation. The solution is to contact MUDTeCH™ for professional crack injection using epoxy and urethane foams capable of expanding and contracting with concrete.

Contact Milwaukee’s foundation repair contractors today for a free basement foundation inspection.