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Milwaukee Asphalt Repair Service

Asphalt Repair handwork being done by MUDtechMUDTeCH™ brings superior workmanship to any residential or commercial asphalt repair job in Milwaukee, Madison, Waukegan, Kenosha, West Bend and all of Southeast Wisconsin and Northeast Illinois. There are many processes used for repairing asphalt and MUDTeCH™ specializes in all of them. You can trust MUDTeCH™’s experience to recommend the best repair option for your project and will often give you multiple options with the price differences shown, and explain the difference in the proposal. Every asphalt repair job is different; therefore, we come out and inspect each job before giving you a price or repair recommendation.

Milwaukee Asphalt Repair

Types Of Madison Asphalt Repair

Infrared Asphalt repair

Asphalt Replacement

There are 3 main types of asphalt pavement repair that may be used on any given job. The conventional asphalt pavement repair is called Remove and Replace, or Cut and Fill. In conventional remove and replace asphalt pavement repair process, the damaged area of asphalt is cut out and removed. Then the contractor digs down and adds a new base if necessary. The area is then re-paved. This option is the most expensive option but it should be the longest lasting repair. Removing and replacing the old asphalt will usually make the patched area far outlast the life of the surrounding asphalt.

Infrared Asphalt Repair

The second type of repair is called Infrared Asphalt Repair. Infrared asphalt repair is a very good repair and is much more affordable than the traditional remove and replace techniques. With the infrared asphalt pavement repair process the asphalt pavement is heated up to the temperature it was when the asphalt was originally laid. The heater is moved and any deteriorated asphalt is removed but any good asphalt still rich in asphalt oils is left in place. New asphalt is then added and the area is leveled or graded to any desired direction. The asphalt is then compacted and the newly repaired asphalt is bonded seamlessly to the old, surrounding asphalt. Infrared repairs generally outlast the surrounding pavement, have no sawcut seams for water to penetrate, and are still new asphalt on the surface. Infrared asphalt pavement repair is the most environmentally friendly repair because the asphalt is heated with clean burning propane and is recycled in place reducing the trucking, and the cost. Infrared asphalt repair is not offered by most asphalt repair companies in Wisconsin or Illinois. MUDTeCH™ specializes in infrared repair and is one of only 3 asphalt repair companies in the state with the larger heater measuring 6’ x 13’.

Milwaukee Asphalt Sealcoating

Asphalt Patch Repair

The third type of repair is the least expensive and is usually only used to limp a driveway or parking lot by until they have the budget to completely repave the area. The third type of repair is called skin patching, also known as skim patching. With skin patching, the damaged asphalt is covered with a thin layer of asphalt, and then it is compacted. Skin patches are generally a temporary fix because the defect is still under the patch. Eventually the problem will come back through the skin patch or the patch will flake away. At that point, a more permanent repair will be needed. Skin patches are only recommended for short term repairs to fix an area just long enough to build a budget for repaving. If you hire another Milwaukee or Madison sealcoating or asphalt repair company, beware that they may try to sell you on skin patches. Installing a skin patch is quick and simple so most all repair companies offer this type of repair. MUDTeCH™’s trained crews can easily tell you the best repair option for your pavement. Advice and estimates are always free so contact us today or give us a call.

Chicago Asphalt Repair By MUDTeCH

Milwaukee Asphalt Crack FillingMUDTeCH™ is your one source for conventional remove and replace or infrared asphalt repair techniques. This gives you the most cost-effective, durable asphalt repair results for your pavement. In cases where the base is damaged, cutting and replacing the asphalt and the base is the only option. Unlike many Milwaukee asphalt repair companies, MUDTeCH™ is not restricted to any particular asphalt replacement or repair method. We use whatever asphalt repair technique will make your asphalt repair last as long as possible for the lowest overall cost.

Using infrared asphalt repair prevents water from penetrating down in socket joints where it can cause additional cracking and wash away of sub base. Infrared asphalt repair is also more cost effective than cut and fill asphalt replacement, while achieving outstanding results. When you hire MUDTeCH™ for your asphalt repair job, you get superior asphalt repair and great service at a fair price.

MUDTeCH™ is owned and operated by American Soldiers. We take pride in giving the best possible value to each and every asphalt repair, Milwaukee concrete repair and Madison mudjacking customer we work with.

MUDTeCH™ performs asphalt repair in Southeastern Wisconsin from Kenosha, North to Ozaukee County, West to Portage County and South to Monroe Wisconsin and Eastern Green County. We also perform asphalt repair in Northeast Illinois in Lake County, McHenry and Rockford, Illinois.

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