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Mudtech Tackles Marine Construction like Seawalls, Erosion Control & Waterfront Restoration

Preserving Wisconsin’s gorgeous waterfront properties is hard work, and MudTech has never been scared of putting in a little elbow grease. With the right equipment and experience we can help you hold back the beating waves of Lake Michigan, or the surging current of Wisconsin’s rivers.

  • Erosion Control

    As the levels of Lake Michigan and Lake Superior rise and fall shoreline property can start sinking into the water. The cost of ignoring shoreline erosion can be losing your house. Contact Wisconsin's #1 EROSION CONTROL COMPAny with the equipment and muscle to keep what’s yours up on dry land.

  • RipRap ROCKS

    The simplest solution for a receding shoreline is the installation of a RIPRAP STONE WALL. By piling stones of various sizes along a waterfront, it creates a solid and jagged barrier for waves to break on before reaching the soft shoreline.

  • Breakwalls & wave breaks

    Wave breaks and breakwall barriers are important features for protecting harbors. The constant wave action over time can wear and effect the integrity of the barrier. Mudtech repairs and maintains the BREAKWALL AND WAVE BREAK STRUCTURES that shield your marina.

  • sheet piles

    The construction of sheet piles can be an easy and cost effective way to shield your shoreline structures from waves and erosion. Mudtech is an experienced SHEET PILE INSTALLATION COMPANY.

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Waterfront Restoration

Marine construction projects are exposed to some of the harshest conditions of any building. Sometimes an erosion control structure needs to be reinforced, repaired and maintained to continue being effective.

Mudjacking & Crack Injection for Damaged Seawalls

One of the most common causes of failure for marine construction is erosion of soil around seawalls. Without support from underlying material, seawalls begin to crack and fail. Injecting slurry into the void (mudjacking & crack injection), can fix/reinforce waterfront fortifications.

Helical Piering for Sinking Buildings

When a building is dangerously close to falling into the water, a helical pier foundation reinforcement system can help keep things upright. Once the shoreline is reinforced with riprap or a seawall, helical piers can prop up a deck or house even in soft and eroded soil.

Breakwall Maintenace

Wavebreaks and breakwalls take a beating while they’re keeping our marinas safe from extreme weather. If your harbor fortifications are starting to fail, get us on the line.

Sheet Pile Installation

Sheet piles are a quick way to stop shoreline erosion fast, or keep water at bay for construction projects. Contact us if your marine construction project requires sheet pile installation.


Storm Debris Cleanup

It only takes one Wisconsin storm for a mass of logs and sticks to pile up behind bridges and dams, or along beaches and shorelines. MudTech has the muscle and machinery to clear out storm debris from the midwest’s waterways.

Mudjacking Repair

Basement Waterproofing

Concrete Installation/Repair

Asphalt Repair


Shoreline Restoration

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