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With the rainfall and heavy snow we get in Wisconsin, many basements are susceptible to dampness, wet walls, and even flooding. Homeowners who ignore the signs of a damp basement can eventually find their basements flooded and their possessions ruined. Our basement waterproofing services keep your basement dry.

MUDTeCH™ contractors handle basement waterproofing in a variety of ways. The origin of water in your basement is the determining factor in finding the best solution. A basement constantly flooded by a nearby river, for instance, will need to be treated differently than a home with water damage caused by poor grading around the house. From basement drainage solutions to concrete wall repairs, waterproofing by MUDTeCH™ experts will ensure your basement stays dry.

Importance of Basement Waterproofing in Wisconsin and Illinois

Midwestern homes face many different risks of floods. Heavy rain, melting snow, and frozen pipes that burst can all leave your basement full of water. If your basement seems to always have water on the floor, even after small rainfalls, you may have a problem with your drainage system. It could be your current sump pump is not working properly, or your rain gutters may be discharging water too close to your foundation. MUDTeCH™ waterproofing services provide many ways to troubleshoot and protect your basement through drain installation and repair.

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Flooded basements need immediate repair and waterproofing

Why Choose MUDTeCH™ for Your Basement Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing is critical to maintaining both the value and livability of your home. It's not just the damage water causes to the flooring and walls, it's also the mold growth that follows water intrusion. If you think a few inches of water on your basement floor is bad, it's nothing compared to black mold covering your walls and ceiling.

The best way to deal with water in your basement is to stop it from ever getting in your basement in the first place, and no one does it better than MUDTeCH™. Our Wisconsin waterproofing experts understand the many different causes of wet basements and recommend the most cost-effective method to remedy the problem. From basement crack repair to new drainage system and sump pump installations, MUDTeCH™ has numerous solutions for providing you with the sound, dry basement your home has been lacking.

Our extensive service area includes south-central Wisconsin, southeastern Wisconsin, and northern Illinois. For more information about our basement waterproofing services, call MUDTeCH™ today at 262-337-0934.

Flooded basements need immediate repair and waterproofing

Basement Drainage Systems for Midwest Homes

MUDTeCH™ can keep your basement dry by installing a new drainage system around the perimeter of your home. We have years of experience installing perimeter drains that channel excess water away from homes so the basements stay dry. We can also add a French drain to your home for additional flood protection. Though installing your own drains may seem like a job you can handle yourself, an improperly designed drain can end up flooding your basement.

MUDTeCH™ also installs sump pumps to help move water away from your house. Unfortunately, sump pumps have to deal with both rain and melted snow--and there's plenty of both in Milwaukee and Madison, particularly in areas with soil that doesn't drain well. With your basement depending on a sump pump to stay dry, it is vital you have an up-to-date and fully functional sump pump. MUDTeCH™ will make sure you have a sump pump sized to your home's basement and properly installed, including a battery backup system so your sump pump will continue to work even if you lose power in a big storm.  

Basement foundation wall excavation
Basement foundation wall excavation

Basement Repairs are a Cost-Effective Solution

If your basement was never properly waterproofed, you may find constant moisture and cracked walls or floors. Besides lowering the value of your home, these cracks can compromise the stability of your house if nothing is done to stop the intrusion of water and moisture. MUDTeCH™ contractors are experts in repairing basement walls and floors to prevent further damage and keep your home dry in all weather.

Milwaukee homes with basement level bedrooms are required to have egress windows. These windows are designed to provide an exit in the event of a fire or to give firefighters access to your home. MUDTeCH™ can add basement level egress windows that meet all local building codes and city ordinances without exposing your basement to the risk of flood or water damage.

Crack Injections Repair Basement Leaks

Moisture entering through cracks can also cause mold and mildew in your basement, a serious health hazard for everyone. MUDTeCH™ can professionally repair cracks to prevent mold from taking hold in your basement and potentially causing your family to become ill.

One way to repair basement cracks is by injecting a hydrophobic polyurethane material into them. This mixture fills the crack and prevents further water damage from occurring. The polyurethane can even fill voids outside your house, preventing water from gathering and wearing away at your foundation. If your foundation was not properly installed, there may be many voids full of water creating leaks and cracks around your basement.

Unlike other methods of crack repair, crack injections use a flexible material which settles with the foundation of your home. This way, you won’t have to deal with more cracks and leaks if your house shifts or settles in the future.

Support Beams for Basements

When a concrete wall has external pressure on it, the concrete can start to bow inward or outward to alleviate stress. Voids around your foundation allow water to gather and soil to shift, creating changing pressure against the concrete that is then relieved by bowing. This weakens your basement walls and can cause leaks, cracks, and even a complete collapse. 

Our Milwaukee basement experts can repair your foundation quickly and cost-effectively by installing support beams. Stabilization beams come with a 20-year guarantee to protect your basement walls from further bowing. The earlier you notice bowing of your basement wall, the less costly your repair will be. MUDTeCH™ support beams will protect your basement walls from shifting soil and foundation voids. When paired with our expert waterproofing services, your basement will become a dry and comfortable space.

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