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Milwaukee Mudjacking & Asphalt Pavement Repair Company

Wisconsin Pavement Repair Professionals

The owners of MUDTeCH™ have many years of experience working in the Milwaukee mudjacking and pavement repair industry. After witnessing the work of many mudjacking companies who were more concerned with their profit margins than with doing a quality job, we decided it was time to stop watching idly by as people got taken advantage of because they didn’t know any better. At MUDTeCH™, we do quality work at a fair price. That’s what we’re about and that’s what we bring to every mudjacking, asphalt repair and concrete repair job we do.

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The owners of MUDTeCH™ are proud to be American Soldiers. The discipline and work ethic we have honed during our military training helps us push through challenges and do what it takes to give every customer a concrete or asphalt repair solution that will last. We come from working class families who taught us "Do it right or don’t do it at all."

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For most people, mudjacking or asphalt repair is just a job. For us, it's the American Dream. Coming up from humble beginnings to own a business employing hard working people and giving our customers faith there are still contractors out there who are in it for the satisfaction of a job well done, makes all the hours of hard work worth it.

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When you see our Bright Green MUDTeCH™ Trucks at work you know quality Concrete Repair is being done at a fair price, backed by our commitment to your satisfaction!

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The contractors of MUDTeCH™ offer residential and commercial repair services:

Residential Mudjacking Commercial Mudjacking
Residential Basement Waterproofing Commercial Basement Waterproofing
Residential Concrete Repair/Installation Commercial Concrete Repair/Installation
Residential Asphalt Repair Commercial Asphalt Repair
Residential Crack Injection Commercial Crack Injection
Residential Helical Piering Commercial Helical Piering

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Serving All of Southeastern Wisconsin and Northeast Illinois

Commercial Basement Waterproofing Milwaukee

Contact MUDTeCH™ today for commercial and residential mudjacking services in Wisconsin and Illinois.