Sheet Pile Installation on Wisconsin’s Waterfront Properties

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Sheet pile Walls on all 5 great lakes

By driving rows of flat paneling deep into the ground, Mudtech can assemble solid barriers that keep shoreline from eroding. When properly installed, sheet piling is watertight, making it essential for lots of marine construction projects, or as a standalone solution. The cost of sheet piling is nothing compared to the damage that can be incurred by letting erosion take your property one wave at a time.

Wisconsin's #1 Choice For Lake Michigan Sheet Pile & Seawall

Mudtech can install sheet piling for simple shoring applications like retaining walls, to more advanced jobs involving construction of cofferdams. No job is too big or too tough for us to take on. We have done many jobs in Wisconsin especially Kenosha, Racine, Milwaukee and Ozaukee Counties. Our crew is large enough to travel to all 5 great lakes: Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, & Superior. 

Want a quote on sheet pile installation services in Wisconsin? Mudtech is a full sheet-piling contractor. Contact us today for a price quote.

Additional Commercial Services From MudTech

MUDTeCH™ does more than install helical piers. We provide a variety of commercial services across the Midwest, including:

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Mudjacking Repair

Basement Waterproofing

Concrete Installation/Repair

Asphalt Repair


Shoreline Restoration

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