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Posted on: June 11, 2012

Concrete Sidewalk Repair Madison

Before Madison Mudjacking ServicesYears ago, the only way to successfully fix sunken, twisted and uneven concrete sidewalks, driveways, stoops and staircases was to completely tear out the existing concrete and re-pour a brand new slab. This method, referred to as “rip-and-replace”, or "RR" is a costly and time consuming procedure requiring concrete contractors, heavy equipment, and a good sized work crew. This procedure is inconvenient to homeowners and apartment dwellers, often providing further headaches before the final solution. Avoid more problems and expense by contacting the professional Madison mudjacking experts at MUDTeCH™.

Madison Slab Jacking Professionals

 MUDTeCH™ Wisconsin mudjacking services, also known as slab jacking or pressure grouting, utilizes a concrete slurry mixture to hydraulically raise your uneven concrete surfaces in a quick and simple manner. Our professional Milwaukee mudjacking experts drill a 1.5" holes(which is smaller than a golf ball) in your slab, pump our specialized concrete mixture through the hole and turn your sunken sidewalk, driveway or stoop into the sturdy, safe, and level surface you need.

Madison Mudjacking services are always the cheaper alternative to the classic rip-and-repour method. The average Pewaukee mudjacking service is about 50% cheaper than completely replacing the concrete. As an added benefit, Wisconsin mudjacking customers don’t have to spend days waiting for their newly leveled concrete slabs to dry. Newly mudjacked surfaces can be used almost right after completion, with some consideration for the freshly patched holes,  allowing for uninterrupted traffic and use.

Madison Mudjacking is Clean and Responsible

After mudjacking sidewalk repair services MadisonWisconsin Mudjacking is also a cleaner alternative to breaking and removing your problematic concrete slabs. Rip-and-replace produces a lot of dust and dirt and chunks of concrete which will require cleanup and disposal, not to mention covering exposed cars and surfaces with potentially damaging concrete dust. Very little dust or dirt is produced with Madison mudjacking services, just some extra cement slurry mix which can be easily removed, and we always wash down the area with water if we can.

Milwaukee mudjacking services are even environmentally friendly. Rip-and-repour jobs require disposal of the old cement, which is recycled into base material, but has a drop off charge.  West Allis mudjacking services eliminate the need to remove the concrete, and save the customer money in the process.

In the end, Madison mudjacking services from the professional mudjackers at MUDTeCH™ are a cheaper, cleaner and all-around better alternative when compared to concrete removal and repouring.

Contact the Milwaukee mudjacking experts at MUDTeCH™ today to discuss how you can repair driveways, sidewalks, stair cases and other concrete structures.

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