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Posted on: January 17, 2014

Wisconsin Helical Piers Began to Provide a Solution for Unstable Foundations

Helical piers were originally not called helical piers at all. They were first given the name screw-piles. Invented by an Irish engineer named Alexander Mitchell in the early 1830s, screw-piles were first used in the stabilization of a light house in the European Tidal Basin. Growing in popularity, the screw-pile finally made its way to the United States. The first helical piering in the U.S. was installed in the Brandywine Shoal light house on the Delaware Bay and the use of screw-piles grew from there. The popularity of helical piers continued to grow after it reached the U.S. Used in ocean front piers and bridges, helical piers also found their way to the greatest use today: underpin buildings. After the civil war, screw-piles were used in the construction of over 100 lighthouses. Our oldest light house made of screw-piles still in service today is
located in Florida and was built in 1852. Eventually helical piers made their way to Wisconsin, providing a solution for unstable foundations and foundational support for larger structures from Milwaukee to Appleton.

Wisconsin Helical Pier Installation Continues Providing Foundation Support

Advancements have been made with helical piers, creating an easy to install pier made of much more durable materials. Helical piering is used to reinforce residential and commercial foundations all over the world, including across Wisconsin, and is still used in the stabilization of bridges. Helical anchors were a new tool in the construction of cabled structures and towers. Due to the rise of technology, there are cell towers all over the country with deep foundation systems made possible by helical anchors. The next time you’re on your cell, there are several helical piers at the end of the tower providing you service. Like our success in mudjacking and basement waterproofing, the MUDTeCH experts provide the best helical pier installation across Wisconsin and the Midwest.

Contact the MUDTeCH team for more information on how helical piers can create a deep foundation in Appleton.

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