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Posted on: February 17, 2011

Effects of Wisconsin winters on your asphalt or concrete

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This past winter was much colder on a daily basis than recent years. As a result, existing asphalt pavement took a real beating.  Parking lots, driveways, and roads are most noticeable at first, but as the snow melts away, you can clearly see the settling and heaving also created in other areas. Asphalt does not get "expansion joints" such as concrete. Asphalt pavement is forced to crack wherever the ground decides to push or pull.  Water resting beneath the surface turns to ice, and the asphalt pavement is then pummeled by vehicles. This is just one of the reasons getting your pavement crack filled is a wise investment.

Concrete suffers from the constant freeze and thaw cycles also, but in different ways. Sure, a concrete driveway slab can crack. But why did it crack? Think of concrete like a pane of glass. It is very strong, but if Shifting concrete leads to cracksnothing is underneath, it cannot support the weight of a vehicle - or sometimes even itself. The base material is the most important part of asphalt and concrete. Should it become soft or compacted (thus creating an air pocket), your asphalt pavement or concrete slab will have to choice but to settle or crack. MUDTeCH can repair any type of settled, cracked, damaged pavement. Even if it has been neglected for years, MUDTeCH can usually repair it, or replace just the bad areas. MUDTeCH is here to help solve your pavement woes and worries.

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