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Ann Arbor Helical Pier Installations

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Ann Arbor Helical Pier Installations

Expert Professionals Provide the Best Helical Anchor Installations in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Underwater helical piering installations cannot be done by just anyone. Experts are needed to guarantee piering work is done correctly and the people doing the work are safe. You will see how
quickly and accurately the MUDTeCH team works to install helical piers in Ann Arbor, Michigan. First
they set the original helical pier into the ground as far it can go. Next, they add another steel extension to drill deep into the bed of sand to achieve to desired depth and torque required for a strong foundational hold into load bearing soil. After the second extension is as far in as needed, they attach a third extension without losing sight of the second shaft.  After they get the pier shaft driven to the proper torque values, they cut it off at the specified grade. Once the pier is cut the desired end cap is placed onto the shaft for proper support into the new foundation. MUDTeCH  provides superior helical pier installation services in locations throughout the Midwest including Ann Arbor, Warren, Sterling Heights and across Michigan.

Contact the foundation repair experts at MUDTeCH for the best Ann Arbor Helical Anchor Installation.