Mudjacking at Madison Office Complex

In early July 2009, we received a call from a maintenance man working for a large office complex in the Madison area. MUDTeCH™ had already done various asphalt work at this same property, so he knew he could count on MUDTeCH™ to deliver an exceptional job on his concrete problem.

He said that at one of the entrances to the building, a concrete slab had settled. Due to the sinking of the slab, a large trip hazard was created. MUDTeCH™ took all the information, and passed it to our professional estimate team, who then went to the job location, to give a free estimate.

After the estimate was reviewed by the St. John Properties Management pros, they decided to use MUDTeCH™'s highly trained workers to raise the slab back to grade. After all, the slab was not chipped, cracked or damaged in any way. All it needed was a little more base injected underneath to bring it back to the proper level it used to be at.

MUDTeCH™'s lime green work truck arrived on location to complete the work about 8 days later. We parked the truck so as not to interfere with any regular business they had coming and going.

MUDTeCH™ workers know exactly what to do on every job, so they went to work right away. One worker began drilling, one started mixing MUDTeCH™'s hybrid grout mix, and a third worker started taking all the necessary tools off the truck.

All the office workers had to come to the window to see what we where doing. They commented about the lime green truck, with the flashing green lights. After 15 minutes everything was ready to start lifting concrete. We began at the far side, lifting carefully across the whole width, to avoid any cracking. After about 3 and a half full wheel barrows of mix was pumped beneath the slab, it was back to its original position.

The manager on duty that day was very happy, she said they had been tripping on that slab for the last 7 months, and they spent a small fortune on salt for the winter. But now that MUDTeCH™ increased the grade of that slab back to where it was supposed to be, the trip hazard was gone. After everything was cleaned up, we patched the holes, and lightly brushed them. Total time on that job was about 1 hour and 25 minutes. We put all our tools and equipment back onto the truck, and headed out to repair more concrete problems!

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