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Posted on: February 03, 2014

Iowa Helical Pier Installation during New Construction Can Eliminate Foundation Damage Completely

Now, more than ever before, architects and engineers in Iowa City and around the world are requesting the use of helical piers in the construction of foundations. To repair a failing foundation, helical piers are quick, easy to install and only a fraction of the cost of other repairs. Without the need for concrete curing, helical piers can be loaded right after installation is complete. Helical pier installation in Iowa is simple and predictable, leaving nothing to chance and allowing MUDTeCH to be in complete control of the process.

Helical Piers in Iowa are Superior to Concrete Foundation

In conventional new construction, most columns require the self-weight of the building to be used to pin the structure to its foundation for support. Unlike conventional foundations, helical piering does not require the use of the structure’s weight because the piers are embedded into the ground, creating a more consistent foundation which resists movement. Helical piers prevent buildings from settling, walls from cracking, and floors from buckling.

Advantages of Using Iowa Helical Piers in New Construction

Using helical piers in Iowa City’s new construction reduces the cost of building through decreased excavation and lower landscape repair costs. Helical piering is also cleaner, due to the sleek design of our piers and the elimination of spoil removal through our light weight equipment. Our Iowa City piers are environmentally friendly and will give your building a strong unfaltering foundation for years to come. If you’re looking for superior Iowa foundation repair, trust the helical pier experts at MUDTeCH.

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