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Testimonials of Satisfied MUDTeCH Customers

MUDTeCH™ Reviews from Wisconsin Customers

Concrete Repairs from Mudjacking Milwaukee Contractors

We have had Mudtech out on numerous occasions to repair sidewalks and our asphalt. As far as I know there is no other contractor that has the ability to service our needs to the same satisfaction as Mudtech.

by Steve S.

Basement Waterproofing with Mudjacking in Burlington, WI

Your people did a great job and we are very pleased with the work. As both you and your foreman indicated, once the concrete patio was properly pitched away from the foundation, we are no longer getting water in the basement during heavy rains.  Everyone in Mudtech's staff was courteous, respectful and professional, they worked quickly and took care as not to trash our lawn or landscaping bringing the equipment in as we feared might happen.  Again, excellent work!

Before having you in to estimate, we went online and in the local Yellow Pages for mud-jacking resources.  We chose your company first to estimate and ultimately went with you because I heard your ads on WISN talk radio.

Burlington Homeowners

Milwaukee Area Basement Waterproofing Review

I had a great experience with Mudtech. I got numerous proposals for waterproofing my basement and fixing my driveway and ultimately chose to go with Mudtech. Other companies gave me quotes for 3 times what I was quoted so I was reluctant at first but after talking with ***** I was assured other companies were just trying to take me to the cleaners and do unneeded additional work. Almost a year after the work was completed and the basement is dry as a bone and I love not having the bumps in my driveway to catch the snow blower on every 8 feet. One of the best contractor experiences I've ever had.

Brian S,
Milwaukee Area Homeowner

Milwaukee Area Mudjacking Reivew

In the last 12 months I have had Mudtech complete 3 projects for me. Raising a side walk, a very difficult garage slab project, and resurfacing our large blacktop parking lot. Professional and on time! Can't beat it!

Tim Z,
Milwaukee Area Business Owner

Wisconsin Mudjacking Team Wins Concrete Job and Exceeds Expectations

I think these guys are great! I had gotten estimates from 3 other companies, for the work I wanted done. The other companies just didn't seem to listen to what I wanted done. Tried to talk me into more work then I needed done. With MudTech I felt that they were really listening to me and to what I wanted done. Well I hired MudTech and am very pleased and satisfied with the work they did. I would refer them to anyone. I would call them again if I needed any work done. Thank-you MudTech!

Julie K,
Wisconsin Resident

Milwaukee Area Driveway Repair with Mudjacking

I was very impressed with the job Mudtech did for me. My driveway needed mudjacking in 2 different areas and my walk in front of the house had settled drastically. My walk was so bad that I was skeptical it could be brought back to normal without ripping it out and putting in new concrete. It was considered to be a massive job. Vince assured me that they could do it and that I would be amazed. Vince was correct! The walk was brought back to optimal grade and everything was stabilized. The driveway looks great as well. They also referred me to a great concrete contractor to help replace my front porch steps to match the new grade of the walk. Clint and his crew were very courteous, communicated with me along the way and cleaned up nicely at completion. I would recommend Mudtech for any concrete repair work needed.

Dan T.,
Milwaukee Area Resident

Commercial Concrete Services for Hartland Business

We've worked with MudTech for years. They have always had solid communication. Very easy to work with and professional.

Execu Print,
Hartland, WI

Happy New Berlin Mudjacking Customer

You guys were out here yesterday to do some work for me and I just wanted to say how great the job looks, how pleased I am with the quality of the work done, and the fact that your guys were all friendly, professional, and courteous.

New Berlin, Wisconsin

Satisfied Madison Mudjacking Customer

Guys just left, did a great job!!! Thanks, I'll spread the word about how well you do.

Near Madison

State Fair Home and Garden Show Madison Landscape Curbing Customer

Hired them to put curb in my yard, very impressed.
My yard looks wonderful.

Thank you,

Katherine S.
Near Madison

Satisfied State Fair Home and Gard Show Milwaukee Mudjacking Customer

They did great work at a fair price.

Steve B.
New Berlin, Wisconsin

MUDTeCH™Asphalt Repair Milwaukee

These are great guys who do a great job, they are very conscientious about the work they do. I would recommend them to anyone.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee Mudjacking by MUDTeCH™

MUDTeCH™ was a great company to work with. They did exactly what they said they would and fixed my sunken concrete. I am a satisfied customer and I would recommend them to anyone.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Salem, Wisconsin Concrete Repair

Our concrete looks great since repaired by MUDTeCH™.

D Meissner
Trevor, Wisconsin

Concrete Sidewalk Repair Milwaukee

MUDTeCH™ did a great job for me. I have a large driveway with an adjoining sidewalk and settling over the years (after a lesser skilled mud-jack fix) had created uneven sections and the transition from drive to walk was uneven too. Clint and his crew were very efficient and creative in their approach to restoring the drive. They actually tilted the section of sidewalk that transitioned to the drive on a diagonal axis. Additionally, they raised the sidewalk where it met our front stoop back to a standard step height. I have done business with a lot of contractors and MUDTeCH™ measures up. I recommend them without reservation.

Reed Felton
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Madison Mudjacking Project


Just a note to commend you and your crew for the excellent mud jacking work you did on my driveway and sidewalk. The work was done in a very professional and timely manner per the quote we received. The crew was friendly, helpful and paid attention to detail. If I had further work to be done, I would not hesitate for a minute in giving you a call.

Thanks and take care.

Ron B.
Madison, Wisconsin

Handling the TOUGH Mudjacking, Concrete Repair and Asphalt Repair Calls! MUDTeCH™ - "We fix all the hard stuff!"

One Friday as we where finishing up a job in Oconomowoc Wisconsin, MUDTeCH™ received a call from a foreman who worked for KSW Construction.

He had a really big problem.

His company was hired to replace a bad section of concrete that just happened to be right in front of Macy's Department Store at 702 N. Midvale Blvd. in Madison, Wisconsin. KSW Construction arrived to that job early on Friday morning, and began prepping it for new concrete. After speaking with the foreman, MUDTeCH™ learned that they had cut the bad concrete, and removed it. But after the damaged sections where removed, they discovered a huge void underneath the good portions of the concrete. According to the foreman, there was no way they had time to submit another proposal for replacing far more concrete than expected. Macy's had a very tight deadline to keep their shoppers happy. KSW intended on pouring the new concrete on that following Tuesday.

MUDTeCH™ can't always get to jobs with such short notice, but we were able put in some extra effort, got the estimator out there on Saturday, and MUDTeCH™'s shiny lime green work truck arrived at about 7:45am on Monday to start working on this job.

There was a real rush to fill that giant hole. MUDTeCH™ could not believe the size of that void under the good slabs. MUDTeCH™'s workers had to put it in even higher gear than every other work day! We were pumping about 1 wheel barrow every 6 minutes into that black hole!

MUDTeCH™ started pumping at about 8:15am we worked harder, and harder, and even had to go get another load of sand. All together MUDTeCH™ spent about 9 hours working on this one job. MUDTeCH™ had to get the job done that day, and we did!

It was a great sight to finally see the special MUDTeCH™ mix coming out of the saw cut area of the slabs. After MUDTeCH™ was sure the problem was fixed, we began cleaning up, and of course all the people walking by asked us what MUDTeCH™ was fixing.

So can MUDTeCH™ handle big jobs? YES!

Can MUDTeCH™ work around your problems? YES!

In early July 2009, we received a call from a maintenance man working for a large office complex in the Madison area. MUDTeCH™ had already done various asphalt work at this same property, so he knew he could count on MUDTeCH™ to deliver an exceptional job on his concrete problem.

He said that at one of the entrances to the building, a concrete slab had settled. Due to the sinking of the slab, a large trip hazard was created. MUDTeCH™ took all the information, and passed it to our professional estimate team, who then went to the job location, to give a free estimate.

After the estimate was reviewed by the St. John Properties Management pros, they decided to use MUDTeCH™'s highly trained workers to raise the slab back to grade. After all, the slab was not chipped, cracked or damaged in any way. All it needed was a little more base injected underneath to bring it back to the proper level it used to be at.

MUDTeCH™'s lime green work truck arrived on location to complete the work about 8 days later. We parked the truck so as not to interfere with any regular business they had coming and going.

MUDTeCH™ workers know exactly what to do on every job, so they went to work right away. One worker began drilling, one started mixing MUDTeCH™'s hybrid grout mix, and a third worker started taking all the necessary tools off the truck.

All the office workers had to come to the window to see what we where doing. They commented about the lime green truck, with the flashing green lights. After 15 minutes everything was ready to start lifting concrete. We began at the far side, lifting carefully across the whole width, to avoid any cracking. After about 3 and a half full wheel barrows of mix was pumped beneath the slab, it was back to its original position.

The manager on duty that day was very happy, she said they had been tripping on that slab for the last 7 months, and they spent a small fortune on salt for the winter. But now that MUDTeCH™ increased the grade of that slab back to where it was supposed to be, the trip hazard was gone. After everything was cleaned up, we patched the holes, and lightly brushed them. Total time on that job was about 1 hour and 25 minutes. We put all our tools and equipment back onto the truck, and headed out to repair more concrete problems!

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