Cell Phone Tower Upgrades in Chicago, Milwaukee, and the Midwest

Cell phone towers on unstable ground need helical piering for stability.

Helical Piering for Commercial Cell Towers

Cell towers or cell sites can be a hassle to install and maintain. They require very specific positioning to provide cellular service to customers, meaning many towers are built in areas less than ideal for supporting tall structures. MUDTeCH™ can help your business upgrade cell towers on your property for safer conditions and better service.

We support your new and existing cell sites by providing helical pier installation. MUDTeCH™ helical piering uses the strongest available steel piles from our manufacturing partners to drill into bedrock or loadbearing soil. The pier is then used to reinforce the foundation of whatever structure you need. These helical piles are available in multiple sizes to match the scope of your project. Since cell towers can range from 50 to 200 feet high, they need a strong base to remain standing through all conditions. MUDTeCH™ uses only the best brands of helical piers for all our projects.

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Types of Cell Towers

There are 4 main types of cell phone towers:

  • Monopole – These towers are made from a single shaft, making them relatively unstable when compared to other tower types.
  • Lattice – The most stable type of tower, lattice towers are self-supported and do not require any wires to stand. They can also bear more height.
  • Guyed – Guyed towers use wires to provide additional support. As a result, these towers can take up more space than the other types.
  • Concealed/Stealth – Concealed towers are made to blend in with the environment to minimize their appearance. They can be designed to resemble trees, art, or other structures.

MUDTeCH™ contractors will determine which tower type is best or help you install a better foundation to keep your existing tower stable and strong.

Michigan’s Settling Cell Towers

Throughout the Midwest, excessive snow melt and rain water makes soil shift throughout the seasons. Illinois and Wisconsin in particular are known for constantly moving soil that weakens building foundations over time. As a result, many sites require the additional support of helical piers. This is especially true for cell towers. Since they are spread out to provide better coverage to cell phone users, they are rarely located on stable ground.

MUDTeCH™ helical anchors are able to function underwater for complete cell tower stability no matter their proximity to soft soil or waterways. Our upgrade process will help existing towers stay upright without having to tear down and relocate.

Deep Minnesota Foundations

The deeper the helical anchor, the more support your cell phone tower will have even during severe weather and extreme temperature changes. MUDTeCH™ experts will determine the best helical pier system and provide a free estimate before starting any installation. We can even drill into frozen soil, meaning you have year-round opportunities for cell tower upgrades.

Cell Phone Tower Upgrade throughout the Midwest - From Illinois Suburbs to Wisconsin State Parks
No matter the location of your cell tower, MUDTeCH™ can install sturdy steel piers. We can accommodate for towers within city limits and isolated towers out in the woods.

Our services are all intended to make your entire construction process simple. If you have a cell tower that is difficult to access due to gravel or dirt roads, MUDTeCH™ asphalt and concrete contractors can give you a free estimate to add paved surfaces around your tower. We can even pour a cement sidewalk to the tower for easier inspections or add an asphalt parking lot.

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