Milwaukee Crack Injection and Concrete Foundation Repair

Crack injection services by MudTech keep basement walls and floors waterproof

Concrete Basements, Parking Garages and Beyond

Cracks in Wisconsin’s commercial concrete structures are hazardous for your business. Cracks in parking lots and walkways put motorists and pedestrians at risk, while cracks in the wall are signs of foundation damage. MUDTeCH offers concrete injection services to repair everything from a small basement to railroads, subway tunnels, dams, and bridge abutments. When you need immediate repairs to cracked concrete, contact the professional contractors of MUDTeCH.

Madison and Milwaukee parking garages need to withstand wear and tear from hundreds of vehicles every day. MUDTeCH contractors use polyurethane and foam crack injection to fill in and repair concrete structure cracks in Wisconsin and Illinois parking garages. The material expands and contracts with the concrete for a lasting repair.

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MudTech technician using crack injection to repair cracked concrete basement wall.

Protecting Transportation Infrastructure with Concrete Repair

Cracked concrete is a serious danger to Milwaukee commuters. Whether they get to their destination by car, bus, or train, the roadways, bridges and walkways they use have to be safe. The main cause of cracks is water seeping into the concrete. MUDTeCH’s professional injection sealing and waterproofing of cracks keeps water from leaking into the concrete and causing even larger cracks.

Repairing cracking and crumbling bridge abutments is vitally important in the Milwaukee area to keep traffic moving without costly shutdowns. Crack injection services on Wisconsin’s bridge abutments allow motorists to drive safely. MUDTeCH’s crack injection and waterproofing services preserve the lifespan and quality of the bridges used daily by Wisconsin motorists from Kenosha and Racine to the north shore suburbs of Milwaukee.

Stop Wisconsin Water Damage

With so much exposure to flowing water, concrete dams can quickly start to break down. MUDTeCH provides concrete injection repair and waterproofing to hydroelectric dams. Our expert crack injection services prevent leaks in Wisconsin dams to keep them functional.

Sewage system crack injection and waterproofing prevents infiltration of groundwater into the sewage pipes. When too much groundwater enters the sewage system, the sewer will overflow, creating a huge health concern for nearby buildings. MUDTeCH’s leak repair services allow sewage systems to continue working longer.

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MudTech technician using crack injection to repair cracked concrete basement wall.

Commercial Repair Services and Upgrades

MUDTeCH offers basement waterproofing services to ensure your building’s foundation won’t be damaged by flooding or leaks. Our contractors use epoxy and urethane foams to expand and contract with the concrete. This method provides strength without sacrificing flexibility. During colder weather, water can freeze inside these cracks and cause them to grow, which is why it is important to have them filled as soon as possible.

All our services are designed to improve the stability and reliability of your commercial concrete structure. From sealing cracks to installing helical piers, MUDTeCH is here to improve your business. Call our contractors today to learn more about our commercial concrete services and how we can help your company. Get started today with a free cost estimate!

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Residential Crack Injection Services

If you are satisfied with MUDTeCH’s crack injection services at your commercial location, contact us to make repairs to foundation cracks at your home as well! Our residential crack injection uses the same high-quality materials and methods to ensure your home is kept strong and dry.

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Additional Commercial Services From MudTech

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