Wisconsin Crack Injection Prevents Leaks in Basements

Madison Basement Crack Sealing and Waterproofing

Milwaukee Basement Crack InjectionsWisconsin homeowners often dread the thought of walking down into their basement and finding an inch of standing water on the floor or seeing water steadily dripping through a deep, jagged crack in the wall. Water is one of the most damaging and destructive elements in nature and is capable of causing untold damage to your possessions, your home, and your wallet.

Without the proper crack repair, cracks in your basement walls have the potential to spread and deepen over time, increasing the likelihood of serious leaks and even structural damage to your home. These basement wall leaks increase exponentially during the spring months due to rapid snow melt and rainfall, turning your dry basement into a wading pool. That's where the Milwaukee basement wall crack repair specialists at MUDTeCH come in. We'll professionally and permanently seal the cracks in your basement walls and floors. In addition to residential work, we also provide commercial basement waterproofing services.

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Wisconsin Leak Repair and Prevention

Milwaukee Concrete Wall Crack Injection Services

New Berlin Basement RepairThe best materials for filling a crack are substances capable of expanding, contracting, and shifting with the natural settling of your home and temperature changes between the seasons. Epoxy and urethane foams are ideal for filling cracks in your basement walls and floors because they retain a certain level of flexibility and movement. In comparison, many non-urethane crack filling materials become completely solid after they are injected. While these materials certainly maintain a strong, watertight seal, they can be completely destroyed if your house shifts even the slightest amount, resulting in new leaks and more repairs.

MUDTeCH, the leading Milwaukee and Madison concrete repair contractors , use hydrophobic polyurethane materials and low pressure injection methods to completely fill in cracks and keep your basement walls sealed and leak-free. The polyurethane foam forms to the void within the crack, completely displacing any existing water. The injected material will also move to the outside of your home, filling in any existing voids between your exterior basement walls and the soil. Many customers pair our crack sealing services with our basement waterproofing services to create a dry and comfortable basement.

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Cracked and Bowed Basement Wall Repair in Madison

Milwaukee Basement Crack RepairConcrete block walls, which are susceptible to cracking or leaking when the home settles, have a tendency to bow inward or outward due to water pressure or large voids left by water pooling against the exterior walls. The Milwaukee basement waterproofing and crack injection specialists at MUDTeCH will push your bowed walls back into place and strengthen the seals around the blocks in your wall, ensuring a dry basement and a leak-free wall. We will also fill in the voids behind your blocks, preventing future leaks and helping to maintain a strong wall.

MUDTeCH’s concrete crack injection and waterproofing services keep Waukesha homes from needing costly repairs. Crack repair and waterproofing of concrete foundation homes in Waukesha is very cost-effective with MUDTeCH. Our concrete injection repairs save our customers money and keep their homes in good shape.

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MUDTeCH™ does more than install helical piers. We provide a variety of commercial services across the Midwest, including:

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