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Residential Crack Injection from Milwaukee to Chicago

Home Basement and Foundation Concrete Repair with MUDTeCH™

MUDTeCH™ knows how important your home is. Yet many homeowners are unaware of the dangers of cracks in their home’s walls or foundation. Cracks allow water to leak in and can fundamentally damage the foundation of your home, reducing its value or requiring expensive repairs. It is especially prevalent in spring, when melting snow and rainwater come together and can overwhelm a seemingly minor crack into a much larger one.

Concrete Repair Milwaukee

Crack Repair and Basement Waterproofing

Exterior Residential Foundation Repair MilwaukeeWhile repairing cracks in your basement, MUDTeCH™ can take the opportunity to waterproof your home as well. A crack is one of the easiest ways for water to enter your basement after rainfall or snow thaw. Rather than walk into a few inches of water in your basement, stay cozy and dry with waterproof crack injections from MUDTeCH™.

Concrete brick walls in your home can settle in unusual ways, causing cracks and letting water slip into your home. MUDTeCH™ contractors strengthen the seals on your concrete with crack injection to keep water damage from occurring. Crack injection techniques are far more affordable in preventing water from getting into your home than trying to reverse the damage later.

Parking Garage Injection in Brookfield

Whether you have a garage for a single car or a whole fleet, maintaining your garage can be the difference between expensive car repairs later. Constantly driving vehicles in and out of your garage causes wear on the concrete, resulting in cracks. These cracks can let in water, leading to ruined tires and damaged car paint if not checked.

With a MUDTeCH™ crack injection repair, your cars will once again be safe and sound in the garage. Our professional contractors will take care of your concrete repair efficiently and affordably.

Protecting Home Sewage Systems Across Wisconsin

Residential Crack Injection MilwaukeeSewage overflow is a disgusting hazard from cracked concrete. Rather than risk your health, use MUDTeCH™ crack injection services to get your sewer system concrete repaired before a leak develops. Some small concrete crack injections will leave things good as new.

Concrete Crack Injection Uses Superior Materials

MUDTeCH crack injection specialists use on the best materials to repair your home. Epoxy and urethane foams are capable of expanding and contracting as your home settles, making them ideal for crack repair. This additional flexibility keeps the crack from spreading further even as the concrete expands or compresses due to outside influences.

Save your home and your wallet with MUDTeCH™ concrete crack injection. Our company, owned and operated by American Soldiers, is proud of our quality results and fair prices.

Commercial Crack Injection Services Available

After you’ve had your home’s cracks repairs with MUDTeCH™, take care of your commercial properties too! We use the same high quality epoxy and urethane foams to control expanding and contracting concrete. We have experience working with commercial crack injection at:

  • Parking garages
  • Storage rooms
  • Backrooms
  • Basements
  • Stairwells

MUDTeCH™ technicians are here to serve all your residential and commercial crack injection needs. With a free estimate, you’ll know the exact cost of your improvement project.

Contact the concrete crack injection experts at MUDTeCH™ to learn more about preventing damage to your home or business.