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MUDTeCH™ is your best choice for concrete repair in Milwaukee, Madison, Kenosha, Waukegan and all of southeast Wisconsin and northeast Illinois. From cracked, damaged and broken concrete to full concrete slab replacement, MUDTeCH™ handles concrete repair jobs of any size. We've done everything from large Milwaukee municipal sidewalk repair jobs with curb and gutter repair to  fixing a single crack in a Madison Wisconsin home's driveway.  MUDTeCH™ also performs foundation crack repair and indoor concrete repair in basements, warehouses, and any other concrete surface. MUDTeCH™ is your best concrete repair value at every price point.

Concrete Curb Repair and Installation Milwaukee

Concrete curbs take a lot of abuse here in Wisconsin. Extreme shifts in temperature, coupled with damage from snowplows, vehicles, and soil erosion, mean curbs will commonly crack, sink, crumble, and break over time. No homeowner or business owner wants to look at ugly, broken concrete curbs day in and day out. When your concrete curbs need repair or replacement, depend on MUDTeCH’s expert Milwaukee concrete contractors.

The Milwaukee concrete contractors at MUDTeCH offer the best solutions for concrete curb repair and installation southeastern Wisconsin and northeast Illinois. Homeowners and business owners who contract MUDTeCH for concrete curb repair services consistently find their repairs saved them hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. We never cut corners with our concrete curb repair services. We take the time to thoroughly remove the broken curb, refill and compact the base, and install a durable and dependable repaired concrete curb.

MUDTeCH also offers the best concrete sidewalk repair and installation services for homes, businesses, and municipalities throughout southeastern Wisconsin. Relying on MUDTeCH for all your concrete repair and installation eliminates the hassle of dealing with multiple contractors.

Wisconsin Concrete Wheelchair Ramp Repair and Installation

MUDTeCH’s Milwaukee concrete contractors provide the best concrete wheelchair ramp repair and installation services for Wisconsin homes, businesses, apartment buildings, and condominium complexes. A smooth and evenly graded wheelchair ramp makes building access easy for disabled individuals. A ramp also facilitates receiving shipments. Sinking or tilted concrete ramps can be easily raised and evened with MUDTeCH’s Milwaukee mudjacking services.

Unlike some Milwaukee concrete installation companies in Wisconsin, when MUDTeCH™ replaces a concrete slab, you can count on the whole slab being the depth we say it will be. Using gravel fill in the center of a concrete slab replacement is dishonest and it's not how we do business.

MUDTeCH™ is owned and operated by American Soldiers. We take pride in giving the best possible value on every concrete repair, mudjacking and asphalt repair job we do.

MUDTeCH™ provides concrete repair serves in southeastern Wisconsin from Kenosha, north to Ozaukee County, west to Portage County and south to Monroe, Wisconsin and eastern Green County. We also provide concrete repair services in northeast Illinois in Lake County, McHenry and Rockford IL.

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If your concrete wheelchair ramp is damaged, broken, sinking, or in need of a complete replacement, contact the Milwaukee concrete repair contractors at MUDTeCH today.

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MUDTeCH™ does more than install helical piers. We provide a variety of commercial services across the Midwest, including:

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