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What Is Mudjacking

MUDTeCHTM is a Mudjacking, Concrete, & Asphalt company performing commercial, residential, industrial, and municipal mudjacking, concrete repair, helical pier installations and asphalt repair in southeast Wisconsin from Milwaukee to Madison and in northern Illinois. We repair, replace, or renew any concrete, or asphalt surface.

MUDTeCHTM can fix 99% of sunken or twisted pavement. We specialize in:

  • Driveways
  • SideWalks
  • Patios
  • Garage Floors
  • Warehouse Floors
  • Steps & Stoops
  • Trip Hazards
  • Water Problems
  • Sagging, Ugly Concrete Or Asphalt
  • Commercial & Residential
  • Parking Lots
  • City Streets

Why Choose MudTech?

When you work with MUDTeCHTM, you will be getting a fair price on the highest caliber asphalt and concrete services. We don’t take shortcuts with the materials we use, our tools, or our workmanship because we want your asphalt/concrete repair to last as long as possible. Nobody beats our work! Other Milwaukee mudjacking contractors may not take water flow into account when leveling your concrete. We do. MUDTeCHTM is not tied to one technique like many Milwaukee asphalt repair companies. We'll use infrared asphalt repair when it's necessary and cut & fill asphalt repair when it makes sense.

MUDTeCHTM is owned and operated by American soldiers. We are proud to serve our country, and proud to give the best possible service to every asphalt and concrete repair customer we deal with.

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Our concrete and asphalt repair service area

MUDTeCH™ performs concrete repair, asphalt repair, and mudjacking as far north as Ozaukee County, down south past Kenosha to the Wisconsin-Illinois border, west to Monroe, WI and as far northwest as Columbia County. We also service jobs in Rockford, McHenry, Waukegan and Lake County, Illinois. For residents of Milwaukee, Madison, Racine, Kenosha, Janesville, West Bend WI, MUDTeCH™ is your best choice for residential and commercial asphalt/concrete repair services.


Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin’s soil composition is known to shift which can cause severe foundation issues. As soil settles or water moves through the ground, even the strongest foundations will shift.

Helical piering provides additional support by reinforcing foundation walls with long steel shafts. These shafts are drilled into the ground and are called helical anchors, piles, or deep foundation support systems. A MUDTeCH™ helical piering installation will benefit your home or business by maintaining the utmost stable structure for years to come.


MudTECH Service Areas

Look through our gallery to see a sampling of before and after pictures of concrete repair, asphalt repair and mudjacking jobs performed by MUDTeCHTM in Milwaukee, Madison and all of Southeast Wisconsin and Northeast Illinois.

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What is mudjacking

Mudjacking (also called slab jacking or mud pumping) is a process used to raise concrete that has sunk or settled. Mudjacking works by filling voids and adding support under concrete slabs to lift or level driveways, sidewalks and more.

Mudjacking was invented by John Poulter of Mount Pleasant, Iowa in 1929. The Iowa department of transportation first used mud jacking to raise road slabs back to their original grade. By the mid 30’s, independent mudjacking contractors arose. MUDTeCH™ represents the cutting edge of mudjacking in Milwaukee, Madison, Waukegan and all of southeast Wisconsin and northeast Illinois.


Why replace a good slab when it can be lifted up and repaired at 1/3 - 1/2 the cost? Our trained contractors are available to service your residential mudjacking or commercial slab jacking needs. MUDTeCH™ represents the cutting edge of mudjacking in Milwaukee, Madison, Waukegan and all of southeast Wisconsin and northeast Illinois.

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Slurry walls are non-structural barriers constructed underground to restrict groundwater flow. The most cost-effective and long-term solution for commercial groundwater control is to construct a slurry wall. MUDTeCH™ is highly trained in slurry wall construction and will expertly engineer an effective cutoff wall to meet your needs. Contact our deep foundation contractors today for a free cost estimate on your groundwater flow needs.


Our concrete contractors now provide expert residential basement waterproofing services to Wisconsin and Illinois homes. Whether you have wet basement walls, need basement floor crack repair, stabilization beams, or drainage solutions, MUDTeCH™ is the Wisconsin basement waterproofing contractor to call.

Wisconsin Wetland Restoration Contractors

Mudtech offers wetland restoration expertise throughout the Midwest region. In addition to restoring wetlands, we also develop enhanced wetlands through the creation of dikes, levees, underground dams, and even enhancements such as walking trails. Related to our work in this area, we also offer lake and pond construction services. Use the links below to navigate to the specific service(s) you are interested in. 

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