Milwaukee Mudjacking FAQ

Why do some other companies offer seal coating for less than MUDTeCH™?

Coal tar sealer is water based and is diluted from the factory. MUDTeCH™ only adds the specified amount of water, as well as expensive polymer additives and silica sand that increase the wear life of the sealer. There are hundreds seal coating businesses in Wisconsin, but not all are trustworthy. A common scam some of these seal coaters pull is watering down the sealer and not mixing any additives into it. The sealed asphalt will look good for a few days or weeks, then wear away because it was improperly mixed. Often, the sealer is improperly mixed and will end up getting tracked into your house. Don't take chances! Trust MUDTeCH™ to install properly mixed asphalt sealer to your  driveway or parking lot.

Can Mudjacking Help Solve my Drainage Issues?

Yes! Sunken or uneven concrete surfaces located close to a home, such as sidewalks, driveways and stoops, can funnel rainwater and melting snow straight towards the foundation of your home, increasing your chances for a flooded basement or damaged walls, as well as creating ideal conditions for mold and mildew. The professional mudjacking experts at MUDTeCH™ can add a slight angle to your concrete surfaces during the mudjacking process to allow rainwater to drain away from your foundation. MUDTeCH™ also offers excellent drainage and basement waterproofing solutions to keep your basement dry and your foundation safe.

How does Mudjacking work?

The professional mudjackers at MUDTeCH™ start by examining your uneven concrete surfaces to determine how much your slab needs to be raised. We also asses the soil conditions around the slab. We then drill 1.5” holes in the slab and pump our slab jacking mix through the hole to raise the slab to an even level and provide a sturdy base to keep it in place. We then fill the holes in your concrete with a concrete patch.

How do I know if I need mudjacking services?

Uneven and sinking concrete sidewalks, patio sections, driveway slabs, staircases, and other surfaces can be a hindrance to daily activities and a outright danger when it comes to potentially tripping or falling. Concrete slabs sink because the sheer weight of the slab compresses the subsoil. If the subsoil settles unevenly, your slab will sink or tilt into the open void. Tearing out the slab and repouring the concrete is an expensive and time consuming operation. Fortunately, the professional Mudjacking experts at MUDTeCH™ can raise your slab back to its original position quickly and inexpensively.

What is mudjacking for?

Mudjacking, also known as slab jacking, is a procedure used to correct uneven concrete surfaces. Mudjacking is commonly used to level driveways, sidewalks, cement staircases, garage floors and more using a hybrid cement mix to fill in any voids and raise concrete sections. Mudjacking services from MUDTeCH™ are a cheaper alternative to completely replacing the concrete slab and provide a sturdy surface capable of supporting your concrete slab for many years.

What is concrete crack injection?

Our professional crack injection services prevent homes and businesses from leaking or flooding. Strong, flexible hydrophobic polyurethane materials are injected directly into the crack with pressure injection methods, filling it with a solid, waterproof seal.  Concrete basements stay dry and warm when MUDTeCH provides expert crack injection and foundation repair services.

When should I use crack injection services?

Our concrete wall crack injection prevents flooding and leaks before they occur. Our expert crack injection services and surrounding areas should be used as soon as possible after a structural crack is noticed. The sooner the crack is taken care of, the better.  Call MUDTeCH today to request an estimate on having the cracks in your basement wall filled.

How long does crack injection last?

Well done concrete crack injection lasts the entire life of the structure or foundation. MUDTeCH guarantees the best crack injection services. Our foundation and concrete repair prevents leaks and flooding in all concrete structures, and because it expands and contracts with the concrete it never needs to be redone or replaced. 

What is crack injection material made of?

Epoxy and urethane crack injection foam is the most common and reliable type of crack injection materials.  These injection materials are manufactured to flex with the building as it contracts and expands.  Our epoxy and urethane foams have some flexibility, allowing the foam to keep the crack tightly sealed.  Non-urethane crack injection foam becomes completely solidified after filling the crack.  This poses as a problem when homes shift.  If a Wisconsin home shifts even the slightest, the non-urethane foam breaks the watertight seal, creating a leaky hole.

What can benefit from concrete crack injection services?

MUDTeCH offers a wide variety of foundation repair and crack injection services and surrounding areas. Subway tunnels, railroads, bridge abutments, sewage systems, and parking garages are some of the many concrete structures requiring our expert concrete crack injection.  Commercial and home crack injection services provided by our experts keep structures and foundations from becoming damaged by leaks and cracks.  Contact MUDTeCH for professional crack injection services and foundation repair.

What is Helical Piering?

Helical piering goes by many names; helical anchors, piers, piles, and deep foundation systems. With a few different methods, they all do the same thing: add additional support to the foundation of your building while improving the stability of the structure.

A helical pier is a steel shaft with helices similar to the design of a screw. The helical piers are used to support a building’s foundation when soil conditions keep the original foundation system from supporting the structure on its own. The piers are driven deep into the ground next to the existing foundation. This allows the new foundational support to transfer the weight of the structure from unstable soil to a soil deeper in the earth that is  better able to support the structure.

MUDTeCH offers helical pier installation and foundation repair services across the Midwest in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa and Illinois. Contact us to request a free estimate.

Do I need Helical Piering for my Foundation?

Helical piering is needed when your foundation can no longer support your house the way it needs too. There are many indicators your foundation has become damaged. Cracks in your floor, floor tile, exterior or interior brick, moldings, walls, or the foundation itself are just some of the indicators you need to get your foundation checked. Uneven or sloping floors, and bowing, leaning, or sagging walls are another indicator the foundation of your house has sunk. If your doors and windows have become difficult to open and close or have separated, there is a good chance your foundation has shifted. Finally, if there are spaces between your walls and ceiling or floor, or your walls are separating from your house, it is a good time to look into helical pier installation to reinforce your foundation. We offer foundation repair through helical piers across the upper Midwest.

What are the Benefits of Helical Piering?

There are many benefits of helical piers, throughout Minnesota and across the Midwest. They first and foremost add support to your foundation, preventing further damage. Helical piering can stop the walls of your building from cracking, buckling, and shifting. It also helps to keep your home intact, floors level, and basement dry. Helical pier installation can be used as reinforcement for your existing foundation or can be built as the initial foundation. Either way, you are guaranteed a strong and safe structure with the use of helical piers.

What is an Alternative to Helical Piering?

When building a foundation, using drilled concrete piers is an alternative to helical pier installation. Unfortunately, concrete piers are not a better alternative. Helical piers can be installed with no excavation and produces no spoils. Concrete piers on the other hand have drill spoils and it takes more time and larger equipment to drill a hole the size needed to insert the pier. After installation, helical piers can be immediately loaded while concrete piers have to wait for the concrete to cure first. Helical piles can be installed in any weather and can be removed if necessary, whereas concrete piers need good weather for installation and can never be removed. Unlike helical piers, concrete piers can crack and shift, leaving you with a repair bill or a bill to install helical piers to add support to your existing concrete piers. If you’re looking for the best foundation support, MUDTeCH offers helical pier installation throughout the Midwest.

What causes bowed basement walls?

Frost, heavy rain, poor drainage and inadequate draining systems are factors which cause bowing of basement walls. Soil surrounding your basement absorbs water and expands pushing against your foundation. Whether you reside in Milwaukee, Madison or anywhere in between, your basement foundation is susceptible to foundation damage. If you are experiencing bowing in your basement walls, contact our foundation repair contractors today for a free estimate.

How long do basement beams last?

Steel beams used for structural repairs or original construction should be considered part of the foundation, and would be expected to last a very long time. Steel beams are permanent stabilizers and will last a lifetime if properly installed and not tampered with. MUDTeCH offers a 20 year guarantee on the beams themselves.

What if my basement walls are bowed more than 1”?

The wall will still be straightened and braced with steel beams, but the outside of the wall must be dug out to relieve the pressure on the wall before it can be put back to level. At that time with the outside of the wall dug out its common practice to take care/upgrade the waterproofing on the wall as well.  It’s important you contact MUDTeCH’s foundation repair experts today if you are experiencing bowed walls. We will inspect your property to determine the best foundation repair solution for your home. If your basement walls are bowed beyond stabilization beam repair, MUDTeCH™ offers a variety concrete repair solutions to best fit your home’s requirements.

How do I prevent basement walls from bowing?

Our basement waterproofing services include a variety of affordable and effective solutions to prevent your basement walls from bowing. From drainage solutions, basement crack repairs and crack injections, MUDTeCH’s basement waterproofing services will keep your basement dry and your walls intact. If you need stabilization beams, make certain your beams are installed properly and safely and contact MUDTeCH’s foundation repair experts today.

What is the difference between steel beams and carbon fiber beams?

There are benefits to both types of supports and depending on the structure of your home or building stabilization beam experts will determine what type of beam or reinforcement is best suitable. In certain space constraint repair areas carbon fiber strips are the top choice for a wide array of structural concrete repairs. Carbon fiber strips or patches can also hold crumbling areas together given that proper care is taken during the adhesion process, and enough of the carbon can be adhered to/around the problem area.  In a residential home where moisture, efflorescence, and old chipping paint are usually present steel beams are the preferred choice, and don't require any special surface prep. Carbon fiber needs a very clean very dry surface to adhere to, and with most basements displaying some type of the fore-mentioned surface conditions carbon fiber strips usually require more messy surface prep than is practical in a residential setting.  

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